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Blue Skies
Blue skies, sunshine, clouds, screensaver, images...
Nice algorithm, pretty pictures...
Universal Unicode Converter
Well, kinda universal...
Amber light ... defer suspicious SMTP connections for qmail.
Set your dock poof, safely.
anisometric creationism miscreation ramisection reactionism
Check your Mac OS X Preferences.
An unofficial modified version of MediaDock with a more "dockish" look and fixed resize code so pinning works properly. Doubleclick to open folders in finder, right-click to play music, configure MediaDock. Source only.
Configure doubleCommand.
View DB.
A quicky Tcl/Tk script to stick on the end of a UNIX command line to browse the output more conveniently.
A dumb quicky program to list files in "matrix" style.
An even dumber program to list files. This is the first program I ever had posted to Usenet, and has the bug that Chris Torek noticed when he posted it for me fixed.

Update: I've added strategic delays (see definitions of SLEEP and USLEEP) so you can watch it update the way it used to on vt100s. If tweaking USLEEP doesn't do anything, set it to 0 and tweak SLEEP and INSOMNIA instead.

Update: Second patch, padding used to be handled by a number at the beginning of a capability, and now it's handled by a '$' inline sequence. I'm doing explicit delays, so I'll just strip the padding out.

A Tcl/Tk mini file browser, inspired by the Amiga workbench.
Software components for C: file scanning and "password" file parsing, variable length strings and arrays, symbol tables, and memory checked malloc. These routines were originally written for converting shell scripts to C quickly, but they work equally well for speeding up the translation of Tcl and Perl.
Postscript pretty printer, text to PS conversion written primarily in Postscript. The output is prettier than most of the other Postscript pretty-printers I've seen, both in terms of the final result and the generated code, which makes it a lot easier to customize.
Firewall proxy daemon: dumb point to point plug, like plug-gw, with load balancing.
When it absolutely positively has to run!
Basilisk II and U. A. E. config file editors.
Quick dumb preference editors for UAE-style config files as used in UAE and Basilisk II. Require fewer layers of GNU/Linux libraries than the native tools.
Back in the early '80s finding a PC terminal program that would deal with VMS and VAX software was tough, so I wrote one. Later on I turned it into a filter that would run on Xenix-286 and translate the output of a vt100 into whatever your terminal could handle. This is not the final version (that's lost), but it works.

(I have made one change to this, converting from the System III "termio" calls to get the speed to modern "termios" calls)

An Amiga program that Karl Lehenbauer and I wrote for the BADGE killer demo contest. If you have an Amiga (or UAE) it's a cute hack.

If you use any of this software and wish to express your appreciation look here. 
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