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Usenix 97.

So, what's the point to having pictures of yourself on your home page? Give stalkers a better chance to find you? Give users fair warning before you show up?

"Peter da Silva had a supporting role in the Usenet Olympics two years running, as the doomed reform candidate."

"He has has also appeared in the 2BSD version of Collossal Cave, as a Mad Australian on a skateboard who throws a stack of Adventure listings at you."

ABB Network Management.
ABBNM builds energy management systems for the electrical utility industry. I manage the UNIX and NT network for the software development team.

PGP Keys

control at
peter at

I don't sign things with PGP very often, usually just control messages for Usenet II in my official guise as <>, but not everything you see signed by control has been signed by me, the rest of the steering committee also have the private key. If you don't know what Usenet II is, look at
WWW Hacking
I don't use any special tools for creating these pages. They're all handcrafted in raw HTML. This isn't any Macho Geek thing, it's just that none of the tools I've used makes it any easier. And god, the code they generate sucks asteroids through soda straws.
Top 林石 Peter da Silva.

Peter... from the greek, Petros, rock. The subject of the pun that proves that Christ had a sense of humor.

da Silva... from the latin (or Portuguese, I suppose), it means woodsman, or "of the wood".

That's a chop done for me at a Chinese cultural exhibit in Honolulu in the late '70s back before Tienanmin and even before the changes that led to it. Unless someone's feeding me a line that's "woods" and "stone", which is a translation of my name. I understand it's more common to transliterate foreign names, but I think this is more interesting.

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