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WMX 1.0
A teeny tiny virtual screen window manager by Chris Cannam that compiles down to a 75K executable, including background textures. It's cool. The original is over here.
Software components for C: file scanning and "password" file parsing, variable length strings and arrays, symbol tables, and memory checked malloc. These routines were originally written for converting shell scripts to C quickly, but they work equally well for speeding up the translation of Tcl and Perl.
Postscript pretty printer, text to PS conversion written primarily in Postscript. The output is prettier than most of the other Postscript pretty-printers I've seen, both in terms of the final result and the generated code, which makes it a lot easier to customize.
Firewall proxy daemon: dumb point to point plug, like plug-gw, with load balancing.

Excitement! Adventure! Really wild things!
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